The World’s Worst Fathers

A few posts ago I wrote about The World’s Most Badass Fathers, meaning best fathers, meaning most nurturing, connected, intimate, loving, supportive fathers. Good men, good fathers, good husbands, good citizens, good human beings. Just overall good guys.

This week, we’re looking at the world’s worst fathers. The degenerate, slack-jawed, ignorant, mean, abusive, downright stupid curs who subject their progeny to the misfortune of their reproductive vicissitudes. Bad men, bad fathers, terrible husbands, rank citizens, awful human beings. Just overall horrible guys.

The quote you’ll find if you click on the About page on this site is the following: “The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences.” There are many ways to go about protecting people; one of these is being aggressive about shining a light on the darkness that other humans create. Though I don’t find great pleasure in writing about “the world’s worst fathers,” I do find it cathartic and agreeable to make others aware of a slice of modern Western humanity that is bellicose, belligerent, and all but hidden. Not that I find these awful people agreeable. Rather, I like that I can point a finger and say, “Hey, look at these jerks. Watch out for them. They exist.” Somehow, it feels right to apprise others of the mere fact of the existence of these fools.

I can tell what you’re thinking, rubbing your hands together there with malignant expectancy: heh, what a fool to tackle such a subject, such a politically-incorrect, supercharged issue, such a non-starter of an issue. And you’re completely right to be hand-wringing and smirking to yourself. This could be a touchy issue, one that could land me in some very hot water.

But, I’ll have to let you down: I don’t plan on making an ass of myself by brazenly choosing a specific set of men to lambast. This would be recklessly myopic and ignorant, at best. Choose any race, creed, class of men and you’ll find the world’s best and worst fathers somewhere in their ranks. No, I have no plans to light myself on fire by pointing any fingers. (Frankly, I wouldn’t even know where to begin pointing.)

In fact, (the suspense, the suspense!) I don’t plan on referring to fathers, necessarily, at all. Rather, would-be, could-be, have-the-requisite-reproductive-tackle to become a father type person.

Okay, enough suspense. I’m talking about men who would be the world’s worst dads if they ever had children: proponents of (the arrogantly, absurdly named) neomasculinity, as touted by founder (and apparent neomasculinity deity) Roosh V. I won’t get into the long, sordid history of Roosh V; he’s not worth anyone’s time. Basically, though, he’s a corporate failure cum sex tourist cum travel guide “author” cum outspoken “male rights” activist. He is the very definition of douchebag. Scoundrel, scamp, hustler, dirtbag, pig, misogynist, waste of human space. You get the idea.

I hate that I’m even writing about such a laughable jerk and his zombie acolytes. I shouldn’t be wasting my time on these morons even with an excoriating post; not one deserves anything other than to be wiped on some unseen surface (the underside of a folding chair, perhaps) like a gooey, surreptitious booger.

But, I wrote about the world’s best fathers, and so it felt fitting to me to shine a brief (and hopefully revealing, shaming) light on the world’s theoretical worst. This lot of testosterone-injecting ne’erdowells. This low, villainous rabble of offending brutes.

How did I even find these assholes? Interestingly (and sadly) these “neomasculine” morons weren’t the first I discovered. Myriad web searches have landed me the type of useful, informative, encouraging fodder I use to write my blog posts. Occasionally, inexplicably, I am directed to websites that are just the opposite: utterly useless and infuriating, not to mention violent, hate-filled, and evil. Sites like Return of Kings and A Voice for Men (I’m not providing links to these because I’d really rather you didn’t click on them. It’ll ruin your day. Seriously, these clowns are the worst.) I suppose the “inexplicable” part is a bit of a misnomer: these sites (part of the larger “manosphere”) often include terminology I use in my search parameters – things like “stay at home dad”, “global fatherhood”, “anthropology of fatherhood”, etc. – they include such terms in vitriolic blog posts lambasting men for wanting to do such “unmanly” and “pussy” things as staying at home with their children while their wives get an education.

There is such a thing as the “manosphere” – a collection of blogs purporting to talk about all things related to “men’s rights.” Again, don’t go looking for this: it’s full of hateful speech, awful language, violence against women (and really anyone who isn’t a white male), and the most base types you’re ever likely to come across. It’s so bad, actually, that many of these sites have been called out for Human Right’s Violations. And the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has most of these sites listed as “hate groups.”

I am flabbergasted. How is it that men (the vast majority white, straight, middle class, American) have convinced themselves that they are being oppressed? Because, let’s get this straight: these men actually feel that they are being actively oppressed. By women, by feminists, by other men who support women and feminists, by legislation that supports women’s rights. It’s all a bit… unfathomable to me. Then again, so are things like the Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide and a million other foul, depraved, dark things.

A few articles I’ve read (this and this) seek to set things aright. The long and the short of their response to the manosphere’s “we’re being oppressed!” is: take a long look around you and tell me again that you’re oppressed. Men have ruled and still do rule the roost. Sure, some concessions have been made in recent years, allowing women the right to not be a man’s property, to vote, to go to school with men, even lately, to run for political office and make decisions. Fear-mongering male WASPS see this “rise” in the fortunes of women as evidence of nothing less than the emasculating, castrating capitulation of men to clawed matriarchs with flaming whips. That men are becoming enslaved, shackled, and denigrated by women by allowing women some basic human rights that men have always received.

This article puts it well:

“The men who frequent A Voice For Men and similar MRA communities are not interested in equality between humans as they claim. Their agenda is not to restore ‘human rights’ for all but to re-establish the dominance that has historically been enjoyed by men both legally and socially.”

There’s a lot more to read about the movers and shakers in this nonsensical, dangerous, entirely ass-backward movement. I’m not and never was trying to write an elaborate, all-encompassing post on the topic. I just thought it worth sharing. The reality is, despite the good I have been running into while researching for this blog, I have managed simultaneously to unearth new swarms of putrid, fetid human rot. Let’s just hope the likes of these contemptible degenerates stir themselves into a froth-mouthed paroxysm of self-immolation that destroys itself from the inside. In the meantime, I remain hopeful that these “manly men” will forget just how to use their private parts.



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